the value of open source intelligence

Our focus is to provide our clients with the most efficient and cost-effective way to exploit open source internet intelligence and maximise the value of subscribed and free services in order to make better, faster and more effective decisions. Our experience has shown that value from the integration of internet intelligence accrues to our clients in one of four ways:

Insight is the elusive quality of being able to ‘look over the other side of the hill’, of anticipating change and opportunity or of knowing what your clients want before they do. Forging insight requires smart people and the right information: you have one; we provide the other.


Fast, informed decision making is the key to competitative success. Sharing information to create situaitonal awareness dramatically improves efficiency and the qualtiy of decision making in an organisation. avtive|watch makes both a reality. faster, better decisions by an informed team.


We know that many organisations are facing the challenging of keeping abreast of an increase in regulation. Against this rise in information many organisations will seek to gain advantage, anticipate change and adapt a proactive stance. active|watch can achieve this for you.


Risk takes many forms: internal, external, reputational and financial ot name a few. Single source social media monitoring is no longer sufficient to safeguard hard fought and expensive reputations. active|watch will maintain a 365 degree 24/7 overwatch to secure what is most important to you, help you anticipate threats and alert you when you need to know soemthing has changed.

"OSINT capabilities are amongst the greatest disruptors available to any enterprise or organisation of any size right now..."

Our clients benefit from intelligence an insight being embedded across the range of services we offer. Insight. As standard.